Thursday, November 5, 2009

A dry November day ride around Stanley Park November 4, 2009

I have set a goal of trying to cycle around 60 KM a week so when I see a dry day in the forecast I am going to get out on the bike. Wednesday was forecasted to be sunny with clouds in the afternoon and rain overnight.

I headed down Hornby towards the waterfront taking a few images along the way. Then it was on towards the Bayshore and Stanley Park before stopping at McDonalds at Davie and Cardero for a bite to eat and a read of the morning paper. Then continue along the seawall until I reached Hornby and the short two block uphill ride back to the Condo.

One thing that was amazing me was how much color there is still in the trees until I realized that for the past two Novembers I have been on a cruise ship enjoying the sights of the Caribbean and have missed a lot of the local color.

Thursday I went and did a little XMAS shopping - tonight its in front of the TV for a Canucks game and then tomorrow it's off to the Medical lab for a few tests - the DR at my walk in clinic is a little worried about my blood sugar level - it is near the point where the alarm bells should start to click in - it has been this way for a couple of years so this is not news to me but he wants to do some more detailed testing - means an overnight fast - 10 hours - should be to bad as the lab is only a block away and they open fairly early.



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