Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After the H1N1 shot a walk around the downtown core Nov 3, 2009

The first thing on my list of to-do's today was to see about getting a H1N1 flu shot - I qualify because a family member is in long term care - I also decided that if the wait was too long I would talk around the West end and downtown - well it only took an hour to get the shot - what the clinic was basically doing was taking those wanting just a flu shot in between the Dr's regular patients.

So after I was finished at the clinic I walked down Davie Street towards English Bay and was rewarded with this scene at the old Rogers Mansion and former Macaroni Grill location - don't know what the plans are for mansion which sits vacant at the present time.

At English Bay some of the City's Art Deco is on display and the next two images shows what is there.

It is sunny and pleasant and this was the sight looking west towards Stanley Park from English Bay.

The downtown core is started to look like an Olympic outlet store - well the Bay is an official supplier of clothing to the Games so they have decorated their downtown store to promote the Games.

At the old Hotel Georgia site which is being redeveloped there have put up this monster Canadian Flag for all to see and it is hard to miss.

After stopping at my fitness club for a shower, steam and shave I was on my way home when I saw this scene from the public area of the Wall Center plaza on Burrard St - I thought that the colors of the Eagle blended in quite nicely with the water fountain and the hotel building.

From the far end of the Wall Plaza was this colorful tree - the crane in the background is for the Patina project which also includes the new YMCA building - there are about 37 stories up with 5 more to go. The Y will open in May of 2010 and the tower some time the following year.

And I will leave you with this color from the courtyard of my condo complex.

Tonight in front of the HDTV for the Canucks and Rangers game. Always an interesting match up.



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