Monday, October 12, 2009

How a desire for a short hike became an interesting day Sunday Oct 11, 2009

I originally was planning on heading up the Sea to Sky Highway to Squamish for a little late season hiking but I didn't get any further than just north of Horseshoe Bay when traffic came to a standstill - an accident had closed the highway - so after about a slow 15 minutes I turned around at Ansell Rd and heading back to the City - what to do - Lighthouse Park came to mind but that can be done in the winter as it is near sea level so I headed up Cypress - headed into the Nordic area with an intent to hike into the Hollyburn Lodge - First lake area - did this and then met another gent who was just out for some exercise and we got to discussing the various problems in society and basically ended up talking and walking our way around to the Baden Powell and then down the Powerline Trail and back to the trail head - thanks Jim for the company and opportunity to discuss life with another like minded person.

Old cabin near First Lake and Hollyburn Lodge

First Lake
Old Hollyburn Lodge - used in the ski season as a cafe and a warm up place.

West Vancouver's Ranger Station
Fourth Lake

Bear scat - there is a mother and a cub in the area but didn't spot them although this scat is fairly fresh - not seaming but that day's product.

Mt Baker is visible from the viewpoint on the drive up/down the road.

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