Monday, August 17, 2009

SKYLINE HIKERS WHITEMAN PASS CAMP AUG 3 - 7, 2009 - The hike to Cross Lake Friday August 7, 2009

This was by far my best day of the camp - I was feeling much better, had slept good, didn't lose any teeth, we didn't have any squabbles over who was in line first and I didn't have to lead the hike - if we got more than the allowed number I was the back up leader but that didn't happen. Did I say the sun was shining and the weather warming up - that the Counts family - all four of them - were leading this trip - well I have said that now.

We are heading for Cross Lake - about a km above camp - middle of the picture in the background is the bowl that holds the lake - it is also our water supply in camp so no swimming is allowed.

It takes about 40 minutes to reach the Lake - there is a good flower show in the meadows by the Lake - I will spend the day do nothing but resting and taking pictures - three of the group decide to explore the area above the Lake - the area to the right of the Lake is call Cross Creek Shoulder but the trio actually went all the way to Red Man Saddle at the top of the valley.

Before we knew it was 2:30PM and time to head back to camp and prepare for either happy hour and the skits or both.

Heading out from camp up towards Cross Lake - about 1km and 350' higher - we start through a meadow then climb up with trees to the lake.

At at the Lake there are views in every direction - we have the remainder of the day to ourselves.

Resting at Cross Lake with views of Jamie's Ridge and Whiteman mountain in front of us.

Looking up towards Cross Lake shoulder on the right and Red Man saddle in the middle back. Three of the group ventured up there after lunch.

Another view of the Lake and Whiteman Mountain.

Cross Lake and terrain beyond.

Peaceful and tranquil are two words that come to mind with this view. We lazed by the water, enjoying the sights, light breeze and the smell of many alpine wild flowers.

This is the picture that graces the front page of my blog - it's of Cross Lake with the massif of Whiteman Mountain in the background.

That's me with the Lake in the background.
While would anyone want to leave such a beautiful spot but come 2:30PM and the return of the others from their trip up to the saddle it was time to say goodbye.

Next up - a look at our happy hours and campfire sing song in the donut.

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