Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today I want to add some text and photo of the opening of the new Canada Line - our rapid transit link to the Airport - it was a free preview for 8 hours on Monday and some 80,000 people took in the ride - it was so busy that they cut off people heading for the Airport at around 7PM - I waited over an hour at the Yaletown/Roundhouse station just to get into the Station and another 30 minutes to get on a train. Here's the lineup outside Yaletown station - this station is going to be great for those wanting a night of eating and drinking in the many establishments along Mainland and Hamilton Sts. There was a band playing and various merchants were offering discount coupons etc + free coffee for those waiting in line. There were some port a potties for those who can't drink coffee and hold it - one comment here was that there doesn't appear to be an escalator down to the first level but there is an elevator.

All of these images were taken with my Blackberry so the quality isn't the greatest but you show get the idea. Fully automated ticketing machines - for you fare cheaters - rejoice still no turnstiles.
Directional signs inside the Station on the loading platform.

Downtown or inbound train arrives at the Station - trains will run every 3 minutes in prime time and every second train goes to the Airport - a present there is no extra charge to go to the Airport but it is expected a $2.00 or so levy will be introduced early in 2010 - the Airport authority which is a private not for profit operation borrowed some $300 M to add this part of the line - therefore they will need to recoup there borrowing costs.

Inside a Canada Line Card - overhead provides constant updates of arrival times and next station. If the train doesn't look that crowded that is because they rationed the number of people who could get on at any one station - that way in theory someone out Oakridge would still be able to get on and not have a fill train pass them up.
It is also no small credit to the Translink people that they appeared to be very few glitches in the system - for those from out of town - our Rapid transit system is fully automated - no drivers and since it's inception they have been no mishap while the trains have been running.

From downtown to the Marine Drive station the route is underground - it then climbs up and over the North Arm of the Fraser river over a new crossing with a separate bike/pedestrian lane attached below on the west side of the Bridge. The route then comes into Bridgeport Station - this station is literally attached to the River Rock Casino Resort and has parking for about 1200 cars during the day time.
It is also where the trains separate - the Airport straight ahead and Richmond town center to the South.
Here's a look at the Airport Station from outside the Canada or domestic terminal - it is hard to miss and can be accessed from inside any of the terminal by a covered walkway.

This is taken of the line-up inside the terminal near the international gates - it was busy but moved fairly quickly each time a train arrived.

Some of the native art work on display at the terminal - the sun was shining brightly making it hard to get a good picture.

This picture if you zoom in will show an overhead sign stating Canada Line and an arrow pointing which way to go.

More of the lineup as I make my way slowly to the trains.

Once onboard it was just a little over 25 minutes to the Vancouver Center station - considering all the crowds I thought the day went fairly well.

I do intend to take it out another day when it is not so busy and explore the different stations and the line into Richmond Town Center.

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