Saturday, May 2, 2009


Locals and visitors alike have been stopping and gazing at some of the current street art on display around the downtown core - wondering what all those eagle like displays are all about - well it's the annual fund raising project of the BC Lions Society for People with disabilities - in previous years there have been Orcas and spirit bears - what happens is that a company will sponsor an artist to take the plain product and turn it into a piece of art and then put it on display at a prominent space downtown and then entertain bids with the money going to further the Societies many charitable projects

Here's there website:

While not an eagle this fountain and tulip display on the Plaza of the Sheraton Wall Center was extra beautiful because it was a sunny and warm spring day.

Dennis' much ado about nothing blog author and an eagle at Wall Center.

This one is hockey themed - most of the others are all of a first nations theme - this is former Canuck star and local hockey icon Trevor Linden on display on Robson between Seymour and Richards - what is most interesting about this and the image of Stan Smyl on the other side is who did the painting - it was done by "King" Richard Brodeur who was our outstanding goalie who took us to the Stanley Club finals for the 1st time in 1982 and still lives in the area.



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