Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Had our second last training ride last night - it was sunny but there was a strong wind but I still kept a good place leading the full marathon team group around the course.

Took the bike in a pre-ride tune-up - it's free because the bike is still under warranty until August - it was even nicer and smoother to ride than normal.

Greg at Bulletproof Courier blog has a short video from our ride on Sunday - see it here:

For our Thursday ride we will be directly up against the Vancouver Canucks 1st game of the 2nd round against Chicago - Canucks in 6 - our meeting place is a block from GM Place and we meet for 5:45PM and this game is scheduled to start at 6PM so we will have to fight more traffic than usual + one of the surface parking lots used for hockey games is not available because it has been set up as the Marathon Race headquarters - with BC Place undergoing extensive indoor renovations for its role as the place for the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games it is not available to Mararthon organizers.

The other thing that we are keeping a watch on for Sunday is the weather - earlier it looked like it would be dry but now it is starting to show a wetter pattern - cycling for 4 hours with rain gear, safety gear, communications gear is not alot of fun + you tend to have more people with first aid concerns.

More on the bike escort team later in the week.


Attend my training session for my work on the BC Elections later this afternoon - having done it federally last year and having work for political parties on elections for over 40 years it shouldn't be too much different - on election day I will be working at a polling location only a block away so I won't have to travel to far.


Finally got 12 people for the FOYPS work party - two less than a full quota but with the new rule that no one can participate in more than one work party each year some of the old standbys are no longer available - I did succeed in getting 6 new people - half of the group - to sign up - this is one of our goals to get more new members helping out and not just paying the $10.00 membership fee each year. Looks like they will have a nice sunny and warm day to work outside - take a look at there web site:

and see if you agree that it is a special place.


Had a phone call the other day from Jim C - who basically hired me at the Y more than 40 years ago - haven't heard or seen him much since our building closed for rebuilt at the end of 2006 - he was looking for some information on one of the hiking trails on the North Shore and he knew that I was heavily involved in hiking most of my Y career - while I couldn't help him directly with this question I did offer a couple of suggestions of who he might phone or which web site might have some information.


Also stopped into our headquarters and dropped off my cheque for our annual giving campaign - while I have a life membership you don't have voting rights unless you are either a pay member or a donor - I qualify as a voting member based on the latter.


Finally for today - I was finally able to arrange a meeting with my Financial advisor to review my portfolio and to discuss my current obligations.

My regular gal is away on maternity leave so I am dealing with the president of the company who I have known for perhaps 30 or more years from him being an early morning regular at the Y and me being the service clerk who greeted him in the morning.

Somewhere in among the BS we might even discuss finances.


I leave you with this spring scene taken last week from the east side of Canada Place looking towards the Harbour Center tower etc.



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