Saturday, April 4, 2009

The new Robert Lee YMCA is taking shape - April 4, 2009

The new Robert Lee YMCA is really starting to take shape at the old familiar corner of Barclay and Burrard in downtown Vancouver - while the building won't open to the public for another year - several reasons for this - 0ne - there needs to be much more work done on the adjacent tower - two - who would want to open during the Olympics - also the construction crane on the Y part came down this past week. The building has basically reached it max height.

I have been watching the progress of this project for the past 2+ years as I spend my entire working career with the Y and look forward to using the facilities of the new building when it opens in May 2009.

The building is named after Robert Lee - a successful businessman here in the city who contributed $2 million to the project - I got to know Robert over my years working at the Y and he is a great person to sit in the Health Club lounge and have a chat with on a variety of subjects.

Today on my way back from the open house for the new Convention center I stopped to get these images of the project. Here in words and pictures is the story of the building taking shape.

Burrard St view - here we see the old front of the building - most of the higher fencing around it has been removed - the crane is part of the tower - two new floors will be added to the top of the existing building - that will house the Child Development center.

Burrard St view and new construction along the lane side of the project.

A view from the First Baptist Church parking lot - this appears to be the new gym judging by the high ceiling.

Another view from the parking lot

Looking down the lane - construction closest to left of picture is for the Patina tower.

Looking down Barclay Street towards Burrard.

View from beside the IGA - much of the glass is already in place.

This will be the atrium between the old structure and the new complex.

Lane view of the construction.



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