Friday, April 3, 2009

As I have mentioned in earlier posts - the signs of spring in Vancouver have been few and far between as the cool weather has delayed the start of the annual flower show.

Yesterday while out for a walk along the False Creek seawall in the vicinity of David Lam Park I came across some signs that nature is starting to wake up as the first six images were taken at that location with my Blackberry.

The bottom three were taken today in front of St Paul's hospital - these are usually a couple of the earliest Japanese Cherry trees to bloom so there is hope yet.


Had our second bike escorts ride last night and it went well - there were 14 of us and we got our first use of the radios this year - I felt I had a good ride as I did the minor climb on Pipeline road much faster than usual - in fact I pretty well led the pack.

One of our new riders has a pretty impressive blog - here's a link to it -


The other thing that I noticed today while walking along Burrard St was that the crane on the new YMCA building was being dismantled so that means that work is progressing along quite well - the building is taking shape and will re-opened in May of 2010 - part of the reason for the delay in opening is to avoid trying to re-launch the product during the Olympics next February .

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