Friday, March 27, 2009

Night time at the Junos Party March 27, 2009


Since it wasn't raining I headed down to the Entertainment district to see what action was taking place at the Juno Street Party - I hadn't thought to bring my digital camera but did use the camera on my blackberry for a few shots - some came out - others were blurred - then I spent some time trying to figure out how to upload them to me computer - then it finally click in my brain - they are saved to the media card - so once I transferred the media card to my computer and edited them they are ready for posting here.

The street was busy - I took in a free concert at the Westjet stage - a group from Victoria called Velvet were playing - most upbeat rock - while the crowd was on the youngish side there were a few grey and balding heads there as well - I stayed for most of the performance - I enjoyed the music and was even clapping my hands with the rest of the assemble crowd.


Tomorrow I will be attending a Persian or Iranian New Year's Party in conjunction with the Y Connections program - over 100 people are expected according to the sign up at


Another Canucks victory tonight - they are now within one of the division leader Calgary and have a game against them at the end of the season that could decide who will win the division and get some home ice advantage in the early rounds of the playoffs - just think in January most people had written off the season and wanted the coach fired - amazing how the bandwagon has become overloaded of late but they are playing good team hockey and getting scoring from more than one line and are injury free at the moment.

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