Saturday, March 21, 2009

First ride of Spring 2009 - across the Ironworkers' Memorial Bridge to Lonsdale Quay

Today being the first full day of Spring 2009 I got on the bike and headed for the Ironworker's Memorial 2nd Narrows Bridge in East Vancouver - I follow the Adanac bike route east from downtown to its junction with Lakewood where I turn left and follow it to its ends at Wall Street where it joins the Portside route - follow this to New Brighton Park on the harbour where this image is taken.

This Park has been greatly improved in conjunction with the Metro Port Vancouver - it has a large swimming pool in the summer and now a great little walking path providing some great views of both downtown and across Burrard Inlet to the North Shore Mountains - my maternal grandparents would often take me and my brother to this park in the summer time as it was only a short distance from their home.

There are two ways to access the bridge coming from the west - stay on Portside and climb up and over the highway and then take the Cassiar route onto the bridge or the way that I went - I continue under the bridge and onto the Burnaby Heights trail - this is part of the Trans-Canada trail and was inaccessible until a couple of year ago because it was missing a 25 foot bridge over a gulley under the bridge.

After riding under the bridge I then follow a trail that will take me up to Boundary Road and then onto the bridge - doing the bridge from south to north has a much less steep ride across the bridge - this shot provides a look at the bridge and the snowy Lions in the distance.

Riding across the bridge on the east sidewalk I stop to take this image of the the old bridge - now used by CN to access their North Van rail yards - and Mt Seymour in the distance.
After coming off the bridge I head for the lower level road which has a dedicated bike lane and take it into Lonsdale Quay.

There is lots of development taking place at the Quay as the old ship yards adjacent to the Quay are being redeveloped.

While not the clearest photos because of the sun's position and the filtered sun you do get a view of the Vancouver Skyline from the promenade at the Quay.

I stop here for lunch and then get on Seabus for the 10 minute trip across the harbour to Waterfront station - there was an older gentleman and his granddaughter who wanted to get to Stanley Park from the terminal so I rode with them to the seawall and then headed for a shower and steam at my gym.
The expensive, over budget and way late addition to the Trade and Convention center is almost complete - expected to open some time next month - here is a view from the what will be an extension of Cordova Street.

On last view of the convention center.

In all a 20km ride with some good climbing and a good workout - after that workout I am ready for a pizza or spaghetti feast tonight.



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