Friday, February 13, 2009

Greetings from Cozumel Mexico

Having a great cruise and taking lots of video and photos.

Have been on two Mayan ruins tours - one to Choccehben in Costa Maya and the other yesterday to Altun Hu in Belize - both are quite different and provide a good insite in this long lost history.

The ship is great and our little meet and greet attracted most of the 30 odd people who say they were coming - Frank and Cathy had some fridge magnets for all of us to add to our collection.

Will have lots of photos to add at a later date - Internet is only $2.00 an hour so I am getting caught up with the email and blogs and political forums.

Also time for lunch - could go back onto the ship but make try something onshore and then its time for a few cheap Mexican beers before heading back to the ship and the sail back to NOLA

Will be home around supper time on Wednesday.



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