Sunday, January 25, 2009

I took advantage of the sunny but crisp weather for another bike ride - heading east along the False Creek seawall - there are many people out walking and riding today - the growth in Yaletown and Downtown South has made this area a very popular place to get some fresh air and exercise.

I follow the Adanac bike route - which is Canada spelt backwards - eastwards to its junction with the Sunrise route. Here you get a good look back towards downtown.
I make a short detour to stop an see the place I spent some of my early years - this the Maternal grandparents place on Turner St in East Van - we eventually moved across the back lane to our own place - that house is long gone - it was at the back of the lot and looked out of place - it has been replaced with a larger Vancouver special.

The Sunrise route went taken northbound terminates at the Portside bike route and you get these great views as you work you way back to the downtown core. Grouse looks really inviting - it would be cool up there today as the inversion that has been over us for the past two weeks is long gone.
Another picture - this time showing the Lions and one of the grain terminals on the North Shore - I continue along Portside until it reaches Powell and then onto Alexander and through Gastown and home - another 20 Km ride and I feel good - it has been a long time since I have ridden for three straight days and not have any pain - the new bike seems to the the solution to some of my riding problems.



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