Sunday, January 15, 2017

A little about nothing and nothing to belittle

Well it is the middle of the first month of 2017 and here I am posting to my blog for the first time in a long time and staring out the window at broken skies and some sunshine.

Why would I be indoor on such a nice day - simple - my depression or stress if you wish is causing my fatigue to act up - I get this occasionally - sometimes from just being too active and mostly from me unable to put aside events in my life that are causing me concern.

On the health front - I have a nephew - only met him a couple of times as he was adopted out by his mother not long after birth and didn't connect until a few years ago when his birth father was in his last days - who is awaiting a liver transplant at Vancouver General hospital - it has been a roller coaster ride - of hopes for a new liver - because of his condition it must be a liver of a deceased person and not a living one and daily woes of what some would determine to be less than adequate care from the hospital.

That's the first one - the second one is my sister in law - my nieces mother - different mothers - was diagnosed with cancer before Christmas - while always a concern more recent tests have indicated that it is fully treatable and she should recover and have many more years.

Thirdly and the one causing me the most stress and grief is the deteriorating condition of my long time best friend and what I like to refer to as the "brother I never had" - his lungs are failing - this is a direct result of his serious bout of pneumonia a little over three years ago - he can't go anywhere without oxygen - if he does any exercise - just getting up and going to the bathroom it leaves him huffing and puffing - he needs to carry extra oxygen tanks with him and in just the minute or two it takes to change over tubes he is left gasping - for the most part he needs someone with him all the time - the worst thing is that his lung doctor has told him that unless they can stop the scarring of his lungs he will be gone in less than a year and the other day he asked me if I would help him plan a living wake in the summer. That has sent me into a stress spiral that I am still coping with.

Do have the Canucks hockey game this afternoon with him - we will need to find a quiet place to change over the tanks if the game goes into overtime.

I will post in another post my updated plans for cruising over the next couple of years.

As always Cheers!


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