Monday, April 21, 2014

He's home but challenges remain - April 21, 2014

Finally got Jim home on Thursday but the challenges remain - while he is set up with a wheelchair, walker etc the fact remains he is far from mobile and yesterday served as a reminder. 

He needed to go the bathroom - for urine he is still using a bottle so that isn't a big deal but the other one is.

He got on the toilet with the raised seat fine but had trouble getting off as it is still 6 inches lower than he is used too - it took myself and one other person two attempts to get him up.

He will have to work with the OT's when they visit him throughout the week to solve that problem - likely will need a komode.

Did wheel him across the street in his chair for coffee and a bite to eat with some other friends whose wife is now using a wheelchair as she fights a battle against cancer.


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