Sunday, March 9, 2014

Travelling solo and Europe 2017

Normally I like to travel as a solo person - well being single and with most of my friends either being partnered or not interested in the same activities as me I have long ago come to accept the single way of life.

I like the freedom to go where i want to go, eat when, where and what I like and necessarily be on a fixed schedule.

Yes it pisses me off that I often have to pay more to travel that way - especially on the cruise ships and to a lesser extend Amtrak.

Which brings me to the challenge of a long 60 day European trip.

I know from my experience on the South American cruise and my challenges with anxiety and depression issues that such a trip could cause me serious issues of whether to throw in the towel and abort the trip and find my way home.

This thought prevailed more than once on the cruise and that despite befriending a number of people I was faced with several bouts of depression and fatigue and unfortunately despite my meds it can hit at any time.

Another thing I have noticed in Europe is that hotel rates are based on a double occupancy rate and solos have to pay more.

The tour companies will try and match you with a same sex individual but after all these years of solo traveling i am not sure if that will work.

While it would be nice to have someone to share my down moments with the individual I get might have their own agenda and I would be more stressed that if I travel solo.

Conversely if I travel solo will I be lonelier - travelling in a bus  - I will have an assigned seatmate - although they generally move the passengers around so that they all get to know each other and get to see the sights better.

This may in fact be the deciding issue if I take this trip.

Remember STRESSED spelt backwards is DESSERTS.


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