Saturday, March 5, 2011

Well it has been some time since I posted to this blog - not that I didn`t want to but I am using Facebook more and more for my day to day activities and photos and going to keep the remaining space on this blog for my outdoor and travel activities - once I run out of space here I will move over to word press and continue there.

A year ago I was headed to Whistler to take up my position as a National Paralympic Committee volunteer to the Slovakian delegation - it was one of the best months of my life enjoying the friendship of my fellow volunteers and athlete`s.

I have attended a couple of reunion events in the past month - the flash mob to promote John Furlong`s book Patriots Heart and the relighting of the cauldron on the first anniversary of the opening ceremonies.

If the weather is nice - no snow on the roads I will head up to Whistler and visit the Athlete`s Village which is now called Cheakamus Crossing - curious to see what my accommodation from the Games looks like now.

On the travel front - my major trip this year will be a Panama Canal cruise - it is a two part cruise - the first leg is Vancouver to LA and the second is LA to Tampa - I am looking forward to visiting Tampa - only previous time there was a short stopover on the train on the way to Washington DC from Miami - then a couple of days in Orlando before leaving for home.

I am still hoping to get on as a Supervisor for the Canadian census but I haven`t heard from them and it is pass the time they were suppose to contact me. If I don`t get the Supervisor`s job I still hope to get on as an Enumerator.

In about two weeks the Bike Escort team for the Vancouver Marathon will start our twice weekly training rides - I have been doing some riding over the pass couple of months when the weather has been dry.

I have two friends who will turn the BIG 65 in May so some planning will have to start taking place on that.

Booked a weekend over at Yellowpoint Lodge in early April - provided the Supervisor`s job doesn`t interfer I will probably head over a few days early and enjoy some of the Island scenery - might do the Sunshine Coast - Vancouver Island loop.



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