Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Riding some newer bike routes June 22, 2010

Today after riding up to wWest Broadway to my eyeglass store to get them adjusted I set out on a bike ride utilizing some of the newer routes in the City - from the 10th Avenue east west route I turned onto the Yukon Street - north south route and followed it up towards Queen Elizabeth Park until I reached the 29th Ave route which I followed around pass Nat Bailey Stadium and the new Hillcrest Community Center which was the site of the Curling events at the Olympics and Paralympics - that is where I spotted the street art work but there was no accompanying signpost explaining them. From there its briefly onto the Ontario route and then a quick right onto Hillcrest which I followed to its junction with the popular north-south Windsor route which I followed to its northern terminus at Great Northern Way - from there it was along the Central Valley Greenway and then Seaside through the Athlete's village to the Cambie Street Bridge and then home. In all about a 20 km ride - the weather was cool but the sun was starting to break out.

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