Thursday, February 4, 2010

Olympic pins etc Feb 4, 2010

While standing in line yesterday a gentlemen in front of me was wearing his lanyard with lots of Olympic theme pins on it - as volunteers we are allowed to display our collection on the lanyard but not elsewhere on our uniforms.

This got to to thinking - don't have have some Olympic pins from when the bid was being made etc so today I remember that I had a hat - it's in pretty sad shape with some pins on it - sure enough there it was in the closet - the CTV pin I got from a CTV staffer that I know who I managed to pigeon hole one night - he was very kind to give it to me.

Now to find the white towel that we also got - it around here some where.

I am told that those Vancouver 2010 candidate city pins are fetching around $40.00 on the net - will keep mine for the time being.

More later

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bulletproofcourier said...

I've been reading your posts and really enjoying - are you accredited by Vanoc?

If so, do you have to follow Vanoc's rules for accredited persons' blogs?