Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SSome more looks at the Olympic sites Jan 267, 2010

Today's report centers around my bike ride from earlier today and is a copy of what I posted on Facebook.

The images are in reverse order of my ride only because that is the way that I uploaded them.

Wanting to see how bike traffic is affected along the Olympic village site I proceeded down Ontario to 3rd where the detour sign has you turning right to Quebec and down to 2nd - Quebec St is closed to traffic at 2nd but there is a wide pathway on the east side for bike and foot traffic which provides foot traffic for the fast food restaurants there.

You are starting to notice the Security presence near the Village - a large group of peace officers from various forces were having lunch at the Burger King - after lunch it's into the Science World Parking Lot - but wait it's not Science World anymore - but the Russian Pavilion featuring the City of Sochi who are the host for the 2014 Games.

Then its along the Seawall and pass the Saskatchewan and Quebec Pavilions and into the Plaza of Nations where the caberet is being converted into a Chinese Pavilion and the Edgewater Casino is putting up a large food fair.

Next at the Cambie Bridge there are now pontoons and buoys restricting the flow of traffic towards the Village - gone also are the cheapos who live year round on their boats - pay no taxes etc.

Cheers and have a great day and GO CANADA GO !!!


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bulletproofcourier said...

Great post and photos, thanks Dennis!

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