Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Shuffle Saturday Dec 5, 2009 - Lumberman's Arch area of Stanley Park.

Each year in about 35 cities throughout North America the Salvation Army holds a fun run called the Santa Shuffle - in Vancouver it is held in the Lumberman's Arch area of Stanley Park - as scenic a sight as you will find anywhere.

The weather is cold as I arrive to help with the set -up and are soon joined by the other bike escort Gerald - we have done a number of these volunteer assignments the past couple of years.

This event has most of the set up done by the Running Room company so all we did was ride the course beforehand to see if there were any problems etc.

There was one area that was in the shade and wet - in fact quite icy so we reported that to the race officials - shortly thereafter a Parks Board worker put down some de-icer and by the time the runnes reached that spot it had started to soften up - they also posted a couple of volunteers there to verbally tell the runners to watch their footing.

It was then on to the finish line - Gerald did one more sweep to see where the last runners/walkers were and to release the volunteers from their checkpoints.

Then availed myself of the hot chocolate and chili and watched the awards ceremony.

In all over 700 participants - an increase over last year and also an increase in the $$$ raised.

After the awards ceremony the volunteers were treated to a chicken and rice lunch courtesy of Nando's.

Then rode with Gerald home and into the warmth of the apartment.



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