Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Banff - Town views, flowers, Cascade Gardens and a walk to Bow Falls Aug 2, 2009

I spent the Sunday before camp doing the Banff thing - which included taking in the flowers along the Bow River bank, meeting up with other Skyline Hikers, walking along the Bow River to Bow Falls ans watching the rafting companies take there clients down the river to Canmore - I walked across the street and took in the beauty of the Cascade Gardens and then later in the afternoon officially checked in for camp - in the evening we have our final instructions - I took a little stroll after that meeting and then turned in for the evening.

These images reflect my day in Banff.

Hope you have enjoyed this three pages of images and stories of my trip to Banff in August 2009.
I will be posting my Skyline Hikers trip to Whiteman Pass and Cross Creek camp in the next couple of days - expect more text and less images.

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