Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A light show to remember - July 25, 2009

Saturday night was our second fireworks competition night with South Africa - a new participant providing the entertainment - but Mother Nature must have been a little jealous as she decided to put on a show as well - the weather has been hot and humid and a thunderstorm was a possibility but we got more than a few clasps of thunder, sheets of lightning and some heavy rain.

We got one of the most intense storms seen in this part of the country in living memory - some how they were able to have the fireworks while the storm raged.

I started with a little light rain just as I was walking from from dinner at Moxies on Davie and intensified as the evening progressed - it also created a rather spectacular looking sunset - the thick black clouds, a setting sun radiating off the downtown towers - first photo below and then I went out to our rooftop terrace to catch the rest of the sunset - pictures were taken without a tripod so they aren't the best but hopefully they do convey a small sense of what the scene was like on Saturday night.

Oh the fireworks was great too - one of the other owners brought a radio out onto the deck so we could enjoy the music that accompanies the fireworks.
Next show is scheduled for 10PM tomorrow night - it will be the last one that I will be able to watch as I will be leaving for Banff and the Skyliners hiking trip later in the week.

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