Monday, May 11, 2009

Pacific Spirit Run Saturday May 9, 2009

After spending three days working as a scrutineer for the election campaign I was once again back on the bike and working a race - this time as part of the course crew for the 10KM Pacific Spirit Park run - while a serious race as it serves as a fund raiser for the Tapestry Foundation - AKA St Paul's Hospital Foundation and raised over $90, 000 for dementia research - it is fun riding on the trails in an area that I grew up living next door to.

We met at around 7AM - picked up our t-shirts, vests, flags and radio and then headed out for a ride on the route - some in our group of 10 have never ridden the trails in the park - they are multi-purpose and heavily used by walkers, cyclists and dog lovers - after that ride we return to the starting point seen here at Thunderbird Stadium on the campus of UBC and await the start of the race - the 10KM run will go first and start in waves. I will be riding up front with the lead runners and then pick up a front runner and see him to the finish line - it took the winner about 38 minutes to finish. After seeing the leaders cross the finish line we take a breather and then head out to sweep the 5KM route for stragglers and reach the split point where we can relaxed and wait for the 10 KMers to finish.

Picking up our race gear and preparing our bikes.

Start and finish line on West Mall - that's captain Brian on the bike in the photo and a couple of images from the area around where the 5 and 10 KM split - it was here that our only real excitement of the day took place - one of the runners slipped and fell into a boggy area and cut her upper lip - we were near by and responded so while Greg and I looked after her one of the others phoned the medic who arrived shortly thereafter - no serious injury - just a bruised ego and lip - they were going to have her go to emergency just to be on the safe side.

The last two walkers approaching the finish line in just under 2 hours - there were a lovely couple of gals who had a great time walking the trails.

And finally it wouldn't be proper to not have a photo of the bikers crossing the finish line.

Having parked outside the Park I ended up doing 37 KM of riding.



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Great coverage and pictures, sir!