Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inside tour of the new Vancouver Convention Center April 4, 2009

This is the second photo essay from my recent visit to the open house at the new Vancouver Convention center - an inside look at the facility and if first impressions are anything - it is massive, bright, open and airy.

The walls are done in wood and the large glass windows provides spectacular views of the mountains and waterfront landscape.

There is a bee colony on the roof that well known Vancouver Courier columnist Allen Garr is the curator of as well as a real grass roof.

The Ballroom featured here can hold up to 6000 people - there are a large number of class room size rooms for those business seminars.

The first large convention happens in a couple of weeks when the American Bar Association holds there annual gathering here so that will be the first real test of the facility and if anyone is likely to find faults it will be lawyers.

This is the underground passageway linking the new center with the existing one adjacent to Canada Place - it is done in a first nations art deco and will also allow access to the Waterfront Plaza food court - so someone staying at either the Pan Pacific or Fairmont Waterfront Hotel could literally not need to go outside if they were attending an event at the center or going on a cruise from Canada Place.



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