Friday, January 16, 2009

I was tired of the foggy, soupy weather here in the lowlands so I decided to head on up Grouse to get some sunshine and exercise. As you can see in this image it's foggy down below.

After deciding not to snowshoe because with the school kids on a pro D day the trails were far to busy for my liking - I took the short sleigh ride around the main ski area.

While waiting for the sleigh ride someone had built a snow cave that was attracting interest from some of the kids.

One group prepares to head out on the snowshow trails - your Skyride ticket or Grouse Pass is you admission fee for the trails. There are three or four trails that are groomed by Grouse for us to use.

Anyone who has been up Grouse knows that there are a lot of carved wooden figures on the mountain - because of there location these three stand out - it looks so different with the socked in clouds 3000' below us.

Looking down towards Vancouver harbour with the Vancouver Island mountains in the far distance.

There is a skating rink right by the main ski lodge - the ice was in fairly good shape - almost laced on the skates but decided it was time to think about lunch.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

Tomorrow - perhaps an early bike ride as it is suppose to clear off.

Also finally got the emails out to the FOYPS regarding the work parties - I am half way to my goal of 14 people - will also need to hit the phone tomorrow as some people either don't have email or haven't provided it to us.

I think I have all of my pre-planning complete for the trip - other than packing and deciding what to do with my one day in New Orleans.