Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Live from Central Park in NYC

Isn't modern technology great - here I am sitting by the Chess and Checkers visitor's center in Central Park posting - In my research for free wi-fi I knew that it was available in the Park but I couldn't find a live spot - after touring around the southern third of the park - or from the southern entrance up to the great lawn and back as I was short cutting by this area I noticed another person with their laptop and lo and behold he confirmed that it was a hot spot - so you are now getting this report.

The park is vary interesting - saw the great lawn, Belvedere Castle, the large lake, the bridge, boathouse, fountain, Dakota House - etc - while Central Park is large it is actually smaller than Stanley Park in Vancouver - but Central Park is much more developed and Stanley Park is mostly natural terrain while Central Park has been created. The views from Sheep Meadow were awesome.

I am tired - my feet are aching and my back is sore from carrying around the cameras and the laptop so for this after noon so for this afternoon I am going to head back to the Y - drop off some of the excess weight and then head for Penn Station to check on my train tickets for the ride up to Boston and then if the timing is right the 75 minute harbour cruise.

One thing I have managed to master is the crossing of the streets - unlike in Vancouver the people here actually look out for traffic when crossing the street on a red light.

Time for lunch and then off to Penn Station and tickets for the trip to Boston.



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